Fruitage Report Spring 2019

Greetings and blessings from the Christian Science Reading Room at the San Francisco International Airport. Enjoy the testimonies of our attendants:

From outside I heard the words, “Are you a Christian religion?  Do you believe in the Bible?”  A Spanish family walked into the Reading Room, two adults and three young children, and one of the women introduced herself and her mother.  The young mother exclaimed, “I was raised Catholic but feel there is something more for me, but my mother is a strong Catholic and we’ve been fighting over this.  And sometimes I say mean things to my mother.” She was told that our religion is based on the teachings and healings of Christ Jesus, and the power of prayer in daily communication [communion] with God.  I went through a full-text Bible Lesson and read Genesis 1 in helping her to understand how our religion is based on a spiritual concept of man, and the importance of the daily focus on God in helping to break bad verbal outbursts the woman was making to her mother.  We discussed the importance of God’s love in our hearts, and in relationships.  The young woman then turned to her mother and apologized for the past behavior with a tearful promise to improve.  She picked up a copy of the previous month’s full text Bible Lessons (July 2018) and the brochure, “What is Christian Science?”  I was very happy to see that our Reading Room was here to guide them to healing.

A man was rushing past, and saw us and backtracked and came in to tell us how happy he was to see us in an airport.  He said he sees these Reading Rooms everywhere he travels but never in an airport.  He was so happy we were here and doing what we do for people and for the world.  Wow!

A wonderful young woman came into the Reading Room on her way from Omaha, NE, and she had quite a delay till her flight.  She sat down and was quietly studying Science and Health.  When she came out, she was told about Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of Christian healing in the spiritual import of the Scriptures, and how Mrs. Eddy came to write Science and Health.  The woman said she had been looking for a more spiritual religion.  Also she disclosed that she had lost her wallet somewhere between her home in Omaha and here.  She had missed her connection and had to wait until tomorrow to take the next flight. Also she had seven children aged 2 (twins) to 15.  She was mildly addicted to anti-depressants and was afraid of the withdrawal from quitting them.  We had a nice chat and I told her that if she could read Science and Health, the need for drugs would fall away.  As God’s image and likeness, she really could not be addicted because God could not be addicted and she could only reflect Him. She had no way to pay for the book so I ended up giving her an old one from my car. She was shown the last 100 pages of Science and Health telling of healings of every disease known to man by just reading the book.  I assured her that addiction was in there.   I also told her that the greatest gift she could give her children was the Christian Science Sunday School because the children are taught of God and Christ, the Holy Ghost and man as God’s child.  That understanding is such a comfort to them later in their lives, and they may heal with love. She was given a Christian Science Journal and we found two churches in Omaha where she could go and take her children to Sunday School.  As she left to take her airport/hotel shuttle I knew she was very grateful.

A young woman came in and asked if I could pray for her.  I said, “Of course.  Anything specific?”  She said, “No, just in general.”  I suggested the Lord’s Prayer which we prayed with the spiritual interpretation from the textbook.   It was a wonderful prayer for both of us. Then I told her, we can only get divine help when we ask, so I am reminded, “Don’t forget to ask!”  I shared that with her, and she mentioned she had been praying for a husband for 20 years.  Then I was led to tell her that the man she is seeking is seeking her.  We asked God to help these two soul mates find each other, and I asked her to be completely open to that outcome and never to doubt that her desires would be met.  Doubt can result in  discouragement which undoes that which we seek to accomplish.  She was a flight attendant and she let us know that she had purchased a copy of Science and Health from us the last time she came through.   God hath blessed her!   The next time she came in, she shared that she was kindling an old flame whom she was now seeing.

A man read the window this morning, and then came into the Reading Room and allowed me to tell him a little of Christian Science and to introduce him to Mrs. Eddy and her writings.  When I showed him page 1, and showed him how Mrs. Eddy and Jesus healed, it made sense to him.  I asked for the sale of Science and Health, and he said “Yes!” He purchased the Marble paperback because it has darker print. He said, “You know in Atlanta, there is a Bible which leaks oil. Oil comes from it.”  I said, “Interesting,” and I showed him the definition of “Oil” in the Glossary and told him about the healing of the oil spill with that definition.  I said the fact that any Bible produces “consecration, charity, gentleness, prayer, heavenly inspiration” really is not surprising when you think about it.  I am so grateful to have been here when he came in.

An elderly gentleman came in and needed change, four fives for a twenty.  Now we don’t keep much cash in the drawer but I looked and we had four fives, so I gave them to him, and he said, “Why don’t I give you one back?”  I was delighted, and he then told me that he had once been a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago.  Then he said with a twinkle in his eye, “But I have strayed!”  I laughed and told him, “Don’t worry, God hasn’t strayed from you!”  He said, “Oh, I know!” and winked.

A lovely lady Christian Scientist came in today and was wanting something inspirational to read for her trip.  I wasn’t finding her anything in the Sentinel or Journal racks, but then she asked for poems or hymns.  I got the words-only hymnals out, and showed her the old hymnal and new hymnal words-only books.  She loved the new one.  She was surprised we had a new hymnal supplement, which she purchased in the words-only version.

 A man and a woman were waiting for me when I came back from a 3-minute errand.  They were invited in and were interested in learning about Christian Science.  They were introduced to Mary Baker Eddy, her discovery of Christian healing and her wonderful book.  They were associates working in the United States and were off to Taiwan and Singapore.  I showed them a Journal and gave them samples of our literature: the Christian Science Bible Lesson; the Monitor; the Sentinel; and the Journal, where we found the Christian Science Society in Singapore.  The young man purchased a Science and Health for each of them.

 A young woman came in who seemed upset. She was living in Switzerland but was on her way to St. Louis to be with her mom.  She studied the Bible Lesson for this week, and came out and asked if she could purchase a Bible, a Science and Health and a citation quarterly.  She was tearful, and I asked what was wrong. As it turned out, her dad had just passed. She said she had been raised in Christian Science but had not studied in awhile.  I gave her the pamphlet, From Earth to Heaven.  She also bought an old marker and holder from us and was going to mark books and begin to study the lesson. When she left I gave her a hug and our favorite travel blessing from Psalm 121: “May the Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forward. . . . ”  I told her we specialize in travel here at the Reading Room in the airport.  She left smiling.

We had an active Sunday morning.  A man came in and he asked about Christian Science.  I introduced him to Mary Baker Eddy and how she came to discover Christian healing in the Scriptures, testing it and proving it with the scientific method.  She had studied the Bible all her life, and studied all of her husband’s medical books, and conducted scientific experiments in various healing methods, none of which were as reliable as her Christian healing method which she named Christian Science.  Science means truth and Christian means love, both of which are synonyms for God in Christian Science.  He shared that he did different kinds of healing, some of which was familiar to me and we talked a little of various healing methods, all of which require a surrender or yielding to the Infinite or Divine Law (Principle) on the part of the patient, and a willingness to part with the condition.  I showed him the first page of our textbook. He wanted to buy it for a friend but was reluctant to push it on him.  His friend was a strong Christian and shied away from other writings.  And, it turned out that his friend was flying in and they were meeting to go to something together in San Francisco.   He left his luggage in the Reading Room for five minutes while he went to meet his friend who was at the Delta baggage carousel, just below us.  That enabled him to come back with the friend to pick up the luggage, and we could show him Science and Health.   His friend was much more comfortable speaking Spanish and read some of the Spanish translation of Science and Health.  They readily purchased the Spanish translation.

A man came in and asked about Bibles. He wanted to let his friend know that he had found a store that sold Bibles.  We were talking and he gave me $20 for a Christian Science Monitor and, as I was trying to make change, I remarked that all my advanced degrees were not helping me make change.  That led to a discussion of the economy, markets, the dollar, etc. and he asked me many questions, for which I had answers and I had questions for him.  It was a lively discussion and finally he allowed me to bring it back to Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of Christian healing in the Scriptures.  He purchased a Science and Health and then went into the city for a few hours since his plane was delayed.  He is from the area in  Virginia where I once lived, and he works for a company for whom I used to do business valuation work.

A woman, T, came in for the third time on my shift, and is finally ticketed to go home today.  She is pregnant and hungry and homeless while here in the Bay Area, so we have been giving her an occasional cup of coffee or tea and a snack. I introduced her to Mary Baker Eddy and her wonderful discovery of healing in the Scriptures.  She wanted the book so much. She had been introduced to Science and Health, and another attendant had shown her the healings of fibroid tumor in the Fruitage chapter.  So she was given a marble copy of Science and Health, for which I paid.  I told her that the book would heal a whole lot of things, and she was shown scientific obstetrics on page 463. It will help her with her money and her pregnancy. May God bless her and help her.

A woman came in yesterday and had seen our Reading Room when she came through to catch her Uber ride.  She was determined to come back early enough on her return to stop in.  When I met her she was returning home to Virginia.  I introduced her to Mary Baker Eddy and her writings, and she was so surprised and grateful to hear about it.  She purchased two copies of Science and Health for herself and a friend, and was sure that God had led her here.  She asked me what she had to do to get to heaven.  I said, “The Scripture says, try to keep the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and love God supremely. That should keep you well on track.”  She was so glad.  She was prayerful. I told her how I got my new car through prayer, and it was right there when I needed it as was the money to buy it. It was amazing.  She decided to do the same thing because her car was about ready to be traded.  Christian Science applies to everything.  What a wonderful customer.

A 7-year-old boy came in with his mother, and he began looking at the children’s table and the puzzle and the coloring book. Then he looked around at some of the other things in the children’s display.  I began to introduce Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery to the mother, and the child just soaked it up.  When I offered the book for sale, the little boy asked his mother to buy it for him.  He would read it and learn.  The mother bought it for him and told me how much he loved books.   I told them that if he read it he would heal with it.  Children always do.

A man came in and sat down and asked about Christian Science.  I asked if he had 10 minutes, I could give him a pretty good overview.  He said, “Yes, absolutely!”  So he was introduced to Christian Science and its amazing discoverer and founder, and to Science and Health. I also showed him the chapter of Fruitage and answered all his questions, even about how I came into Christian Science.  I was born into it but never made it my own until I had children.  He purchased a Hendrickson Bible with the Apocrypha, which I love, and a Science and Health.  He had some big fear issues and I told him he was safe; and since he lived in Fremont, and I was leaving at 6pm, I drove him home.  He was afraid to accept a ride from the wrong person. I told him to start reading Science and Health right away and to start each day with a couple of paragraphs.  Well, he called back today, and asked about the nearby churches, and I sent an email of nearby church addresses.

A young woman came in this morning and asked for paper and a pen, and then she appeared to be tearing up the paper. I asked her what on earth was wrong as I reached for the  box of tissues, handing them to her.   She said that she had just come back from the east and that everything was fine, but now that she is here, her boyfriend is waffling. Apparently, his family forbids him to marry her and has threatened to disown him if he marries her.  They are Hindi and it appears he has an arranged marriage awaiting him.  I told her that God and the angels would help her.  But she had to “Let it go so that they could work on it!”   She was told that human will can be so stubborn and strong that even God does not interfere with it in most cases.  Moreover, when one tries to hold on really tight to something, the grip is fear-based and the thing will slip away.  Fear of loss precipitates loss.  But if she released the whole thing to God, He would find a way to bless the relationship and maybe bring them back together.  She said, “What if he doesn’t come back?”  I said, “Then there is a better man for you who is a better match and will make a happier marriage.”  She had to leave, so I walked her out and told her, “Release it, let it go! And be ready to be blessed.”  She took some extra Kleenex with her.

A woman came in who had some time until her next flight, and asked if she could just go and read.  She came out awhile later with our marked books and asked how this worked.  Also, she knew Luke 2 by heart.  I explained to her about our pastor and showed her how the citations from Science and Health correlate with the Bible citations for the lesson.  I explained a little of the spiritual import of the Bible which is highlighted in Science and Health. She read some more and then came out and I asked if I could explain a little of Christian Science.  But she would not let me really get started because she wanted to tell me about all the drama and problems with her relationship with her son.  She said, “How can you heal the relationship if you don’t understand it?” The answer is that the relationship is human while the healing is divine.  At the end of the description, I presented a little of Mary Baker Eddy and her book, Science and Health. As it turned out she wasn’t so receptive.  I finally decided that we were talking past each other, so I told her she just had to love her son, and replace all her critical and self-pitiful thoughts concerning him, with “He is God’s child, now and always!”  And above all just “love him.”  “What ever comes to you to think, it has to be with love or don’t allow yourself to think those thoughts.  Love will do the work.”

When I arrived New Year’s morning, there was a message on the voice mail from a young woman who wanted to know if we sold Bibles. I called her back and told her we had many Bibles.  She was in line at China Air check-in in the International Terminal, and was really impressed that someone called her back.  She was several hours ahead of departure, so I told her how to come to our store after check-in.  She came in with a friend and looked at all our Bibles, and chose the $10 paperback.  I suggested Science and Health, which would really expand her understanding of the Bible, but she was content with her purchase.   We then blessed her trip with, “May the Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in . . . “ Psalms 121:8.

A woman came in and asked me where she could buy cigarettes.  I suggested a few places in Terminal 1, but I do not really know.  We got to talking about addiction and I mentioned that Christian Science heals everything.  I tried to find the Sentinel with the cover and an article on Addiction in a recent issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, but it was nowhere.  So I went to JSH-online and pulled up a couple of articles and printed them.   Then she said, “Oh I cannot take these, I am Buddhist.”  I said, “So,  Buddha was great but that shouldn’t stop you from getting healed metaphysically.   It is a matter of understanding the Truth of who you are as a spiritual idea of God, rather than a mortal trapped in a false belief of physical addiction.”  She was told when she arrived at the understanding of who she is, the need for tobacco would just leave her! She smiled and left.

A young man came in said that he had walked by here a thousand times and was led to come in today.  He asked and I told him a little of Christian Science and introduced him to Mary Baker Eddy and her book.   He asked about re-incarnation.  I showed Matthew 11: 11-15 (Matt 11:2-15 is better) and mentioned that it’s not widely taught in Christian Science or any religion, but that it is clearly in the Bible in the words of Christ Jesus.  He asked me some other questions for which I had answers.  He said that he had beat himself up when he was addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and that he had gone to AA for ten years, which had really helped him get free.  But at some point he felt that that he needed a more spiritually-minded group of friends, which he then met.  He said that so many of those friends, when speaking of spiritual matters, got this glazed look in their eye, and he wasn’t sure about their level of understanding.  He said he asked for an even higher-minded group of friends with a clearer understanding. Then he said, “And here I am talking to you, and your eyes are clear and you know exactly what you are talking about.”  I laughed and told him my secret: “You ask and I know because you’re asking questions about divine matters, and divine wisdom is at hand here to answer your questions.”  He then said, “I think all religions just have different ideas about God.”  I agreed with him and showed him page 360:27 of Science and Health, which discusses the resolution between Judaism and Christianity on Jesus and God, and page 94:12 on the eastern empires and their mistaken ideas of an anthropomorphic God and mistaken beliefs to which it leads. [“The eastern empires and nations owe their false government to the misconceptions of Deity there prevalent. Tyranny, intolerance, and bloodshed, wherever found, arise from the belief that the infinite is formed after the pattern of mortal personality, passion, and impulse.”] He said he had to catch his flight but before he went through security, he came back and asked if he could give us a gift.  I said of course.  He handed me a $100 bill!  I said, “Thank you and please allow me to give you a gift,” and when he agreed, I handed him a marble paperback Science and Health! 

M came in today and said to me, “I have to tell you a story.”  As it turns out, his son was in a serious car accident and was in intensive care with a head injury and wasn’t expected to live.  He called everyone he knew that had any religion and asked them to pray for his son. And after several days of being comatose, his son regained consciousness and is on the mend.  M wanted to tell me that he had really seen the power of prayer in action.  I mentioned that the son would be 100% and there would be no residual effects of the accident.   He said, “Well we are praying and waiting to see!”  I said, “Just know it!  We specialize in healing!  The healing is your son’s provided you are not afraid. In fact, “Christian scientific practice begins with Christ’s keynote of harmony, “Be not afraid!” Said Job: “The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” (SH 410:29).  He was told that worry is negative prayer and all prayers are answered, so if you are afraid saying, “Oh God, let there not be brain damage,” you get that of which you are afraid, ergo, brain damage.  Christian Science says, “He is perfect in God as a child of God made in His image and likeness, and as such, he is free of all damage!” I told M, “Say that, pray that, and be grateful for that.  See it mentally and you will see it in the flesh!”   He is fairly high up in the airport management, and is a good friend of the Reading Room.

A man came in and sat down and asked, “What is Christian Science?”  He was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of healing in the Scriptures and told of how she came to write our textbook.  Interestingly, when I showed him the spiritual account of the creation of man in God’s image, he interrupted me and said, “I heal with that!”  I was surprised and said, “You do? You are going to love this story I am telling you!”  I explained how one day Mrs. Eddy healed a woman of pneumonia in front of an attending physician, and the doctor told her to write a book, as did the Bible the next time she opened it. [Isaiah 30:8 “Now, go write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come forever and ever:”] She did, and I opened it and turned to the first page and read him the first sentence.  I then showed him the Glossary, a little of Key to the Scriptures, and the Fruitage chapter.  I showed him what we have, and he readily purchased the blue mid-sized.  As he walked out he thanked me and told me I was a good salesman.  I said, “Well, I have a great product!”

A woman came in and wanted to know about how to overcome grief. I showed her the pamphlet on it, and told her about how we think of death in Christian Science, that there is no death.   I explained about the story of the seagull, how he circled above the group he had been part of and flew out of sight, and that death was more like that.  We had a nice chat, and she learned about angels and money and how not to malpractice on her finances, and about worry being a sort of negative prayer to get what you do not want.  She somehow convinced me that since I understood money, I should buy her that pamphlet, which I did.

A woman was reading our windows and was interested in one of the Science and Health translations in the window, and she came in and took down the book and began reading a little of it.  She asked if it was Portuguese and I said yes, and that this was a new translation.  I explained that Mary Baker Eddy, the author, had figured out how Jesus healed and had written this book about it.  She was told that the last 100 pages were letters from people healed of just about every disease known to man just by reading the book! She mentioned that she was learning Portuguese, and I noted that it had both the Portuguese on the right and the English on the left page.  She set it down on the Christian Science Monitor and began reading that too.  She asked about and was shown O Arauto Da Ciência Cristã.  I showed her three of them, and she began to study the covers and was trying to make up her mind.  I said, “Here, take them!”  Many wonderful Reading Rooms send us their unsold literature.  She purchased the Science and Healthtranslation and the Monitor. She was so thrilled, she looked like she was going on an adventure through the pages.  She said, “My flight was delayed and I was meant to come here.”  She also said she had seen a Reading Room a week or so ago and had decided she wanted to go in check it out, and here we were! I told her that when God wants us to know something, He keeps showing us.  She said, “Oh I know, if I can just listen!”  I am reminded, “It’s a big club!”

A Christian Scientist came in and sat down and was so sad.  He looked to be on the verge of tears and I got out the tissue box and told him to tell me what was going on.  “We can work on this!”  And he poured out his heart and told me that he had lost everything including his great love (his second wife) and that he was 50 and unemployed living in his mom’s attic bedroom which was his old room growing up.  He felt terrible.  He said, “I have lost my way.” He was told that God would show him the way.  Just ask.  Always ask.  In most cases, the Infinite will not step in unless we ask.  And He wants us to ask! And don’t forget to say please!  He said that he did not know where to start.  I suggested he start with a job and that he pick something he would like, and that God would open the way.  That would get him out of the attic.  Sometimes we have to start with a prayer for a specific item or activity. He thanked me for being so nice to him.  I told him that we are nice to everyone.

May God bless all who read this post!