Fruitage Report Spring 2018

Greetings and blessings from the Christian Science Reading Room at the San Francisco International Airport. Enjoy the testimonies of our attendants:

Two gentlemen walked by and one stopped to look at the window. The other came back to see what he was looking at.   As he began to read the front window, I got up out of my chair and picked out a Christian Science Monitor and Sentinel magazine for him and told him to take them, that they were free. Then he came and asked about the book in the window. He noticed we have several languages. I asked, “Which language are you interested in?” He said “Portuguese.” I got a new one off the shelf and gave it to him, and began to tell him about Mary Baker Eddy and how she came to write it. Before I finished, he asked, “Can I pay cash?”

A young couple from China came and visited our Reading Room this morning. They asked, “What is a Christian Science Reading Room?” I told them a little of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy and her search of the Scriptures. I always offer the book after I have reached the point of introducing them to the book with page 1, chapter 1, and sentence 1. Today I said, The first sentence of the book is actually from the Bible, but the first words that Mrs. Eddy wrote are: ‘The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God—a spiritual understanding of Him—an unselfed love.’” (Science and Health, page 1:1-4.) Then I told them I have the book for $13.

He said they were Chinese and I said, “Oh we do not have Science and Health in Chinese,” to which he readily responded, “Oh, we read English well!” Of course they do! Duh! I immediately pulled out the midsize and the signature paperback copies of Science and Health, as well as the Sterling desk size in hardback and in paperback, just to show them what we have. They purchased both the Sterling hardback and signature marble paperback copies of Science and Health, with the intention of giving the hardback to their pastor at home. And I silently thanked God and those lovely people for taking Christian Science to their neighborhood of China.

A man came into the Reading Room today and looked at a Journal and asked “How much is it?” I said “$11 with no tax on that magazine.” He was reluctant to spend cash because he said, “I am stuck.” I said, “Ok, here is a free one which is an older copy.” He asked how to subscribe and I told him the easiest way was to call the 800 number which I showed him on the back. I then showed him our wonderful Christian Science Monitor, and gave him one.   He said that he had always heard it called The Monitor. I told him that we often abbreviate it. Then I said, “How about a little metaphysics since you are in a Christian Science Reading Room? First of all, you are never stuck because God is never stuck. And ‘May the Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in . . .’ We specialize in travel here at CSRR at SFO.” He thanked me so much and I directed him to Alaska Airlines, who has many flights to his destination, so that he might find an open seat.

A young man came in and asked what we were. I told him a little of Christian Science and that Mary Baker Eddy figured out how Jesus healed and wrote this amazing book about it. As I began my account of her discovery, he stopped and asked, pointing to the desk copy of Science and Health, “Is this the book?” I said yes, and that I had that book for $13.00. And I showed him the mid-sized and the marble editions of Science and Health. He told me he needed a healing for his mother who felt threatened by a dread disease. I said that is an easy one in Christian Science because other cures are sort of painful and not always successful. He was told that the last 100 pages of Science and Health (the Fruitage chapter) tell of healings of every disease known to man, including cancer, just from reading the book! As I handed him the book, I said, “This will heal your mom.” He handed me the cash and thanked me. I love Science and Health. It always heals!

A man read the window. He was attracted to the Sentinel Reprint of “Cancer Healed!” He then came into the Reading Room; he was told that we had lots of healing magazines and I picked out three for him, and he asked if he could stay and read. I said, “By all means, please!” He remarked how wonderful this sanctuary was. Then he asked about Christian Science. I explained how Mary Baker Eddy came to write her marvelous book, and he readily purchased two of them, one for himself and one for his friend. He had forgotten about the time change so that he was an hour early for his flight. He said, “You know maybe I was supposed to forget about the time change, so I could come here!”

An elderly gentlemen came in today and thanked us for being here and for all we do. He is a student of religion. I told him a little of Christian Science and introduced him to Mary Baker Eddy and her search through the Scriptures and her discovery of how Jesus healed.   She tested it; she proved it; and she named it Christian Science. He purchased a larger sized paperback Sterling edition of Science and Health and a new Monitor. I suggested that he attend one of our Wednesday evening testimony meetings and listen to some of the testimonies. I gave him a Journal so he could go to church in upstate New York when he got home.

A wonderful woman came into the Reading Room and asked if she could read a bit. She was early for a 3 pm appointment with a doctor in San Francisco because she said her neck was collapsing. I said, “Well you came to the right place. You are in a Christian Science Reading Room. You should buy our book!” She was a commercial artist and had some great stories of experience with clients. She was interested in the airport art and exhibits and I told her where our museums and art exhibits are displayed.   When she was getting ready to go, she said, “I am going to buy your book.” And she purchased a paperback marble edition of Science and Health. I know it will bless her.   We have such great visitors.

A young woman came in and asked, “What is this place?” She was told about Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of how Jesus healed and how she came to write her book. She asked if I had that book and I said, “Oh, yes!” as I pulled out several of them. She selected the marble paperback copy of Science and Health because she was travelling.   She said, “I am so looking forward to reading this! I have been wandering away and am really ready to get back to Scripture.” She had such a lightness of heart and sweet smile. I just know she will love Science and Health.

A regular visitor came into the Reading Room with two guests and they were in the study room reading the Bible. I went into the study room and was asked to tell him about the markers in the book. He was shown how the Quarterly gives us a weekly Bible lesson to study, and these books are marked with the citations shown on the page. I then explained that Mary Baker Eddy had figured out how Jesus healed and had written this marvelous book to explain it and teach other healers how to do the first works. He readily purchased a sterling paperback edition of Science and Health.

Just before closing a woman came in and sat down and pulled a well-worn leather-bound copy of Science and Health from her bag saying, “Look what I found in my bag at home. I brought it to read. Then I saw your Reading Room and read the citation in the window and began to cry. I came in to see if you had a minute to talk to me?” I said, “Of course, what is going on?” She told me about relationship problems. She gave the impression she felt as if she was being torn apart. She was told how to release this stress and give it to God—that it was her job to see others as God’s children and give the problems to God. If tempted to worry, then release the problems again. She made a prayer to do this, and she kept saying it until she felt completely refreshed.   She had a complete change of heart. I am so grateful to be able to help our visitors.

A young woman read the window early this morning, and then came in. She asked me, “What is Christian Science about?” I happily told her that Mary Baker Eddy had figured out how Jesus healed and wrote a book about it. She was told a little of Mrs. Eddy’s early life in New England and her search through the Scriptures and her discovery of Christian healing.   We talked further, and I could tell she was a natural healer. I said, “Oh you have to have this book. It will help you.” I showed her the Fruitage chapter, and told her that the book focuses on health, but it applies to everything: addiction, finance, relationships, etc., as she will see by reading it.   Originally, the book was non-denominational. Mrs. Eddy did not set out to start a church, but her students wanted to worship God the way she did. They began church services on the order of Congregational Christian churches. Mrs. Eddy was the original pastor, but she eventually named the King James Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as our pastor.

Later a young man came in and asked if he could sit and read. For a long time we had two visitors in the study room. Later I had to print something in the study room, and when I got to the printer, our guest asked, “What is this Christian Science?” I gave him my 10-minute introduction to Mary Baker Eddy, her discovery in the Scriptures of Christian healing, and explained how she came to write her book.

He then asked, “What does the church say about homosexuality?” I told him that officially, the church has no official position on that. Each member works out these questions by inquiring of Scripture, our textbook and God. He asked me what I thought and we talked for an hour about it. I told him I am sure you don’t go to hell for such a thing because Mrs. Eddy says that “In common justice, we must admit that God will not punish man for doing what He created man capable of doing, and knew from the outset that man would do. God is ‘of purer eyes than to behold evil.’ We sustain Truth not by accepting, but by rejecting a lie.” [S&H 357: 1]. In the New Testament we have, “In the resurrection, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” [Matt 22:30] And in Luke, “The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage. [Luke 20:34] The Scripture suggests that in heaven we do not procreate, but that all souls are God’s as we are told in the Scriptures, “All souls are mine saith the Lord.” He thought it marvelous that we could read Scripture and figure out what it means without listening to experts. Mrs. Eddy teaches us that.

A man came in and sat down while he was waiting for his son, and I began to talk a little of Christian Science. I got as far as introducing him to the book, and how it heals, when he interrupted saying, “Can it heal other problems?” I said, “Yes! Everything. Sin, disease, death, addiction, finance, relationships, anything.” He shared that he needed a healing of a relationship with his son. He son was 19 and a twin of the brother whose flight they were meeting. The father was a little estranged because he had asked the young man to live elsewhere if he was not going to abide by the house rules. Then his two daughters came in, one of his sixteen year olds, and a 19-year old soon to be daughter in law. So this man has literally 6 teenagers although soon the twins will turn 20. But still, my heart went out to him.   We talked about how love heals and that when he got mad at his son to just turn his thinking to “He is God’s beloved child!” and leave it at that. What happens is that when someone is angry or outraged, the heart closes down a little. When they laugh or experience love or joy even for a moment, the heart opens a little, and the love you sent will find its way in to his heart and the recipient will feel it. It will soften his thinking. It takes a little practice. I asked him to try.   He told me that he had been looking for a book that would help him. He purchased a marble copy of Science and Health and told me he felt so much relief having talked to me. They were from Modesto, so he took a camera shot of the Modesto church listing from our Christian Science Journal.

A woman came into the Reading Room. She was told a little of Christian Science and introduced to Mary Baker Eddy and how she came to write her wonderful book. She kept asking me how it works, and I said, “Just let me tell you,” and I finished with the first sentence from Science and Health after the Bible citation. Her friend only spoke Portuguese and was on her way back to Bogotá. The lady then came in and the visitor explained to her some of what I had been telling her. Then I told her I had the book in Portuguese! And it is a fairly new translation of it. She readily purchased it. She asked for an airport employee discount. When I rang it up it rang at 9% off, because it was priced so that the tax was included in the $36. So she got her discount.

A young man came in and asked what this was. And before I could answer, he asked if he could read in here.   I said, “Yes, you can read our literature or anything. The best book I have is in there on the desk called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.” He read for almost an hour. When he came out, he asked, “Why is it that people do not get healed?” I said, “Well, it depends upon the person. Some people define themselves by an illness like the guy at the pool of Bethesda who saw himself as the man who couldn’t make it into the pool first. Jesus had to ask him twice if he wanted a healing, which he received. Sometimes people do not believe they deserve to be healed, or that their treatment is ineffective. Some people think they are unworthy or that the disease in inevitable because of inheritance or family history.” Each person has to be treated separately and individually, depending upon his or her need of understanding. He thanked me and left.

A woman named Lori called to talk to someone. She was feeling low and lonely since her husband of 45 years passed. We talked about Love and Life and eternity as she knew it as a Christian Scientist. I told her to call back anytime. She said she was putting it all in the hands of God. I reminded her that was where she finds her dominion and shared a healing of grief I had which lead to great gratitude for having even the short span of time with my little babe, my little angel who turned me back to God. Love brings only blessings that cannot be turned into sorrow.

A woman who had just arrived from Israel had several hours to wait in the airport until her cousin arrived from Ohio. She had chosen our Reading Room in advance to be their meeting place so I invited her to make herself at home and bring her luggage in. She was very curious about Christian Science, especially why it was called “Science” and how it compared with other religions or Christianity. We talked for several hours. As it turned out she was here to visit a relative who was expected to die soon. I felt our discussion about Christian Science views on eternal life and the peace of knowing one has an inseparable relationship to the power of all Being, which is Love itself, had a healing effect on her thought and gave her a welcome crumb from Christ’s table. When her cousin arrived, she said, “Oh my mother-in-law is a Christian Scientist. She was expected to die, but attributed a recovery and long life to having read this book.” They were both so grateful for our hospitality.

An Ethiopian woman came in on her way to Washington, DC to go to a conference to help her country reach peace in the face of religious conflict. We talked about the power of prayer, of recognizing God’s government as supreme as opposed to human will via political power. I gave her the pamphlet, “The Democracy of Prayer.” We agreed to pray together for God’s will to be done worldwide, and to expect progress to advance mankind out of the stirring thought of seeming conflict.

A young man came into the Reading Room asking if I had these three books, and he showed me a trilogy in the back of a book he was reading. I told I was sure he could get them on Amazon, and that a Christian bookstore might have them. I said, we sell Christian Science literature and Bibles. And I told him a little of Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of Christian healing, and her teaching, and willingness to write a book about it. I showed him our book, and announced that he could not buy this book (pointing to the marble edition I had sitting on the desk) cheaper than he could get it here. He picked up the book, and said, “Oh, I have a good feeling about this book!”   Then he said, “Is cash ok?” I said, “Oh yes, that is our favorite! Thank you!” What a delightful young man. He mentioned that he had not really gotten into reading the Bible yet. I said, “Oh be sure and read this first (pointing to the Science and Health I just sold him), and when you are ready, the Bible will be very understandable. You will love it!”

Ben, a Filipino repairman who occasionally works at SFO, came in to ask if we were Christians. He is a born again Christian, although I couldn’t discern the denomination. He had frequently read the marked passages in our books displayed in our front window. He wanted a recommendation for a helpful book to read. I recommended Science and Health and told him about how Mrs. Eddy started our healing Christian religion. I told him about our practitioners, and suggested he stop by again whenever our Librarian was here. He was given two free Christian Science Monitors, and a Sentinel.

Ben came back while the Librarian was in but she did not have a free Science and Health to give away. The last time he came in, she said, “You know, I have this book for only $13. I would buy it for you, but I think you make more money than I do, and I think you can afford it!” He was shown the Sterling mid-sized and marble paperback copies of Science and Health, and he whipped out a credit card and readily purchased a marble copy. He said, “I thought it was expensive.” I said some are, but no one starts with a leather bound version.

A Muslim man came in and asked about Christian Science and what it was. Having lived in Dubai and done a lot of work in Interfaith, I knew a lot about Islam and the Koran and points of understanding God that connects with Christian Science.   We dug deep with each other for awhile and he looks forward to coming back next time he travels, usually monthly.

A man came in and began to ask about Christian Science. I began to tell him a little of it and invited him to sit down. His name was Mark, and he listened intently and then asked if Christian Science could heal him. I said, “What have you got?” He walked around to my side of the desk and looked at me very earnestly and told me he was bipolar. I said, “Oh yes! I was healed of that, a really bad case. They called it manic depressive illness at the time!” I told him about my discovery of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation, and readily joined the church when invited to do so. I then told him all about the healing and how in retrospect, God had been preparing me for the healing as soon as I had asked Him how I could get well, and I began to do what I was led to do instead of fighting it. He readily purchased the marble Science and Health and asked me to pray with him. We prayed the Lord’s Prayer with the spiritual interpretation from Science and Health with some specifics to meet that illness. All the cases I have ever heard of healings of that illness have been in Christian Science.

A young woman, S, came in this morning and was surprised we had a Reading Room here in the airport. I told her that we were the only Christian Science Reading Room in the world that’s located in an airport. We really support the airport and airline travel as well as help people to understand more of Christian Science and Christian healing. I thought she might be a Christian Scientist, but she was not. So she was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy and her first healing experience by reading the Bible, in what she later named Christian Science. The visitor loved what she heard and she readily purchased Science and Health.

A little while later, a wonderful gentleman came in asking about the Word of God and described how he studied. He mentioned a verse from Hebrews which I knew and finished his quotation and we struck up an instant conversation about it. Then he asked if we had a certain piece of literature, and I said, “No, we carry Christian Science literature and Bibles,” and I began to tell him about Christian Science. He was told of Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian healing, and her further discovery of the spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures. Finally he was told of how she came to write her book. Then he said, “Some Christians say, ‘”For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.’” (I Cor. ii. 2.) And I said, “Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health says, ‘I am determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him glorified.’” He instantly purchased the book.


Another man came in beaming and exclaimed, “What a wonderful place for a store like this!”   Again, I thought he might be a Christian Scientist or know about it, but he began to tell me about his having found God in science as an engineer. He found things that could only be explained by God’s existence. And he had searched journals and scientific writings for other explanations of certain phenomena and found that many writers had come to the conclusion to which he had come. And he said, “You really have to dig for information. It isn’t readily available. “

He was told how Mary Baker Eddy had discovered Christian healing in the Scriptures. Then he mentioned that his wife had cancer.   I asked, “What is she doing for it?” He said “Well the first time she did chemo,” and I said, “Oh, she must be so done with that! Buy our book. It will heal her.” I jumped up and showed him our two travel copies, and showed him the Fruitage chapter. I said, “These are testimonies of healings of every disease known to man by just reading the book. Cancer is in here several times I think.” He readily got his Amex card out and purchased the book, and thanked me and thanked us for being here.

I came in 20 minutes early because I had a car appointment in Berkeley and drove straight over.   A minute after I sat down a Chinese gentleman came in on his way to LA and asked about our Reading Room and our merchandise. I explained to him that Mary Baker Eddy had figured out how Jesus healed and had written a wonderful book about it, which led to all this. I picked up in the middle of the presentation and showed him how Mrs. Eddy became inspired to write the book by a doctor before whose eyes she had healed his patient. He told her, “You must write a book!” Then the Bible told her the same thing in Isaiah 30:8 the next time she opened it![1] Then this man was shown the first sentence of Science and Health and he thought it was wonderful. He was shown the small travel editions and he looked through and read some of the marble edition, and readily agreed to purchase it. I am sure that he will read it and be blessed by it, and bless his country and America. He had visited Stanford University and taken pictures of the beautiful church on or near the campus property and showed it to me. He was very receptive.

[1] Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever: (Isaiah 30:8)

Our work on “no resistance” has really paid off. There is no resistance to Christ and Christian Science and Christianity.

We had had some trouble with mental malpractice against our Reading Room, identified by a very alert volunteer who is a Journal-listed practitioner. This led to a lively online email group discussion about how this should be handled. And our board of trustees took up the work, selecting the metaphysical topic of “No Resistance to the Christ or Christian Science.” And the visitor had some problems. While he was judging and malpracticing our faith, he was homeless, without a car and living in his estranged wife’s borrowed car. And he has an 8-month old little girl whom he adores but only gets to see every couple of weeks. Our work led us to affirm “No resistance to the Christ, that visitors were receptive to Christ and Christian Science,” and we loved that visitor, which he really needed. The first month, he found affordable housing; then soon he purchased the right car he needed. And we sold eight copies of Science and Health that month to people who had never heard of Christian Science, compared to the prior month when we had only sold two. We are so blessed!

A young man came into the Reading Room and asked if I had an Android charger. I said yes, and handed him one and pointed to the outlet. He made his important call and when he was finished he came out and thanked me, and shared that he had walked the airport for six hours looking for a charge. I inquired, “What brought you here?” He declared, “God!”