Fruitage Report Fall 2015

Fall LeavesGreetings from the Christian Science Reading Room at the San Francisco International Airport.  Since the plaza opened in Terminal 1 of the San Francisco International Airport we truly have enjoyed wonderful growth in patronage and fruitage!

A young man came in smiling and said that he came into our reading room three years ago and had all kinds of “hard questions” about life and Christian Science. He said that the woman at the desk came back at him with “make-sense” answers, to the point that he decided to attend a local church near his home in Berkeley. He has since joined the church and had Class Instruction last year and is looking forward to attending his first Association this year. His new understanding of the Christ started in being receptive to Truth, in our Reading Room.

A lady had a friend whose Mom had passed on, and she wanted to know if we had anything for sale that would help her. She wanted to buy something to share with the family. I suggested our pamphlet “Overcoming Grief” and she also saw the one on “Healing.” I shared a little of Christian Science with her and Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian healing, and she happily purchased both the two pamphlets and a marble copy of Science and Health.

A wonderful woman from India came in and asked if she could spend some time here. I invited her in. I asked her if she knew anything about Christian Science and she said “Not really, but that she knew Christianity.” I introduced her to Mary Baker Eddy and the spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures and how Mrs. Eddy had come to write Science and Health. She asked if the book was for sale and I immediately showed her the marble paperback edition which is perfect for travelers. She handed me her credit card and asked for my card so we could continue the discussion online. I gave her our card and my personal Christian Science healer card. She asked me to walk her out and give her some guidance on how to help her memory, which I immediately did. I blessed her travels, which we do here at the airport, and thanked her for coming in.

A very gentle woman ended up spending the day with us. We had only one current Christian Science Monitor and she read it, and then happily purchased it. She lunched at Green Beans Coffee in full view of the Reading Room. She returned refreshed and I told her a little of Christian Science. She happily purchased a copy of the textbook. She asked me many questions, and my answers came directly from Divine Wisdom. She asked about the church’s position on gay marriage. I told her the church takes no official position on any matters like that. Each member thinks it through. She loved that. We talked a lot about death and sorrow because she had just buried her mother in April and her father two years ago. She left very much comforted.

A young woman asked if we had Bibles and other religious books. I told her that we primarily sell the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and the Christian Science Publishing Society, but that we had quite a few Bibles. I introduced her to Christian Science and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and she happily purchased a textbook. I thanked her for her visit and told her about

A young man from Santa Cruz came in and asked for a healing. I asked what the problem was, he told me, and we treated it in Christian Science, talking about his divine likeness that gave him perfection in being, in the likeness of his Father-Mother God. He thanked me and left happily to attend a Grateful Dead concert. Apparently in his travels he stops by Christian Science Reading Rooms and gets help.

We were visited by a young couple from Egypt who were Coptic Christians. They were here for about an hour and were very happy to be reading an Arabic Bible. The young man said he was very glad to see a Christian place in an airport and asked if there were others. He asked about Christian Science and I gave him a short explanation which he appreciated.

A gentleman asked “What is a Christian Science Reading Room?” I explained a little of Christian Science and how Mary Baker Eddy came to become a great healer and write her book. Then he asked if I had anything about Mrs. Eddy per se. I showed him the many biographies which we have.   Also I remembered an old copy of Retrospection and Introspection which we had for a long time and which was yellowed with age and which I had taken off the shelf for sale. He readily purchased it and Science and Health. He mentioned he was a Roman Catholic and asked me if his knee injury could be healed. I said of course, and I even agreed to pray for him. And I know the book will heal him.

A visitor asked where the fingerprinting office is. I directed her to it. She then came back and sat down, and we chatted, and then I told her a little of what Christian Science is and how Mary Baker Eddy came to discover how Jesus healed and how Mrs. Eddy became a great healer and teacher.

She began to tell me some of her problems with the big one being doubt or lack of faith. Then I told her about money and finance. I told her how to pray about it, and how not to malpractice on herself with words like “I have no money” or “I cannot afford this.” The mortal consciousness says, “Well ok, if you say so!” Then we experience what we think and tell ourselves. By just not doing that, our bank accounts fill up!

It was kind of an eye-opener for her. She left with tears of gratitude and told me she would attend a Christian Science church near where she lives.

A man from China wanted to know what we were, and how we differed from Christianity? I said we are Christianity—Christ’s Christianity. I then told him of Mrs. Eddy’s discovery, and how she came to write her wonderful book, and how Christian Science heals everything. I told him of just regular demonstrations which he called miracles, and I told him that we see them regularly. He readily purchased a copy of Science and Health and was delighted to have come in here.   He had not been anywhere in America except the Christian Science Reading Room, and what attracted him was the word Christian!

A woman came in looking for a good book. I said we have the best book ever other than the Bible. I told her a little of it, and how Mary Baker Eddy figured out how Jesus healed and wrote this wonderful book about it. She purchased two, one to read and one to share.

A woman called and wanted a donation to her school located in South San Francisco. I said, “we don’t really do that as we are also not for profit raising money etc.” And I hung up. Then she called back and pleaded that this little school was really important to the neighborhood and these kids needed our help. I thought, “What have I to give her? Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee.” I told her that she would be very blessed and prosperous in her fundraising efforts today and for her season, and that she and her team would do well by that school! She thanked me profusely!

When I came in this afternoon there was a young man sitting at the desk across from the attendant. He had somewhat unusual attire, but had clear eyes and was sincerely interested in the Truth. I began to explain a little of Christian Science. When I got to the first page of Science and Health, 1st line, “The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love“, he exclaimed, “That’s it!” He understood exactly what had happened to him and how he had been healed or delivered. He readily purchased both a Bible and Science and Health.

A woman was interested that we would have a spiritual library/bookstore in the airport. She thought it was wonderful. I told her a little of Christian Science and she readily purchased the Christian Science textbook. Then we talked for three more hours. I listened, and offered Mrs. Eddy’s counsel on a lot of topics. She was wonderfully receptive to spiritual concepts.

A woman marveled at our Christian Science Reading Room and said that she was wanting to add to her library of spiritual books. I said, I have a wonderful addition for you. And told her a little of Christian Science and she readily purchased the Christian Science textbook, even though we were interrupted by a wonderful Christian Science customer who comes in once a month on her way to or from Montana and purchases a full-text from us just for the convenience of picking it up here.

Another woman was very interested in the words Science and Christianity being used together. She wanted to understand and reconcile the two terms.   I explained that Science means knowledge of and truth of Christianity. I also told her that all the physical sciences square up with Christian Science and divine law.

A woman came in and just stood for a few minutes awed.   When she gained her composure she said “a Reading Room here!”   She had just gotten a phone call that her Dad had died and she was on her way to be with her Mom.  She bought “Overcoming Grief,” and we had a good talk.  It was so beautiful that the Reading Room was there for her.

A woman in tears asked how late we were open. I told her until at least 10pm, and that she came to the right place. I got out the box of tissues and told her to “spill.” She shared that she had had a rough second marriage, albeit short, but had experienced divine help along a treacherous way. I then told her a little of Christian Science and she was really enthused about it. As her story unfolded, I was readily offering truths from the Bible and Science and Health along the way. But when I showed her the books, she wanted a hardback, but did not like the ones we had. She liked the cloth covered editions (like the ones we mark for the study room) but they are out of print. Then it came to me to show her the new Sterling Soft Cover edition. She hugged it to her and chose it as the right one, which she readily purchased with much gratitude.

A woman had a good wait for her flight and saw the Reading Room sign. She had been a very active member of a Christian church but just had to get a divorce and the church members said that was not good because she could not marry again without living in sin. She asked about the Christian Science view? I showed her the chapter on Marriage in the Christian Science textbook, but that the church itself had no official position on marriage or divorce or anything. Each member works it out according to his/her understanding of the divine law.

We talked for a few minutes and she said she had a man friend and who was going to be a preacher but he got disappointed midway through seminary and quit. He decided to be a lawyer. She still had strong feelings for Jesus and wanted to find a church that would love her and not judge her. As we talked she said her man friend talked of marriage but religion was out. She wanted to find some way to help him “back to God.” As we talked I said he might view his chosen field as God’s work. As he expressed justice, law, honesty, principle, he was expressing his “God-likeness.” With that she got tears in her eyes and said that was it. That was just right—just what she wanted and needed to hear. She got up and as she left she said she would never forget Christian Science, the Reading Room and how she found her answer here.

A young woman wanted to tell me about her music she was writing. I introduced her to Christian Science, and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. She was very receptive and readily purchased Science and Health. I then suggested she publish her music. She said how? I told her about Julia Wade’s publishing company, and suggested she write to her in New York. She purchased her Spanish CD: Alabado Sea Dios and we found her on Facebook. She left very happy and very excited. I told her to ask God how to do it, and that the angels would guide her.

A lady asked if she could use our electricity to charge her phone because it had died in the middle of a reservation process. She had missed her flight and needed to rebook today.   She had the death of her niece in her family and she was so saddened. She had to speak at the funeral, and she wondering what to say. I told her the story of “The Passing of the Seagull” and showed her our pamphlet called “Overcoming Grief.” She readily purchased it. She booked her flight without a problem, and had a bit of time so I told her a little of Christian Science.

We went over the two accounts of creation and explained how Mary Baker Eddy had discovered Christian healing in her study of the Bible and became a great Christian healer and gave us her wonderful book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

She shared that certain members of her family faced issues of dishonesty and drug addiction. I shared the Fruitage chapter with her, and suggested it might help to identify her individual family member as the perfect idea of God, spiritual in nature, divine in origin. They would respond to that in some degree. Plus she liked the idea that Christian Science does not conflict with what she knew of Buddhism. She willingly purchased a copy of the Christian Science textbook.   Before she left she expressed her appreciation for me not judging her for requesting a recharge for her phone. I laughed because quite a few of our customers enter needing a charge for electronic devices.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Christian Science churches and individuals for their interest in and support of this Reading Room. For comments, questions, or to send a donation, please mail to:

Christian Science Reading Room Jointly Maintained, Harley Bennett, Treasurer, 23871 Willows Drive, #384, Laguna Hills, CA 92653