Fruitage Report Fall 2012

Thou the Christ, and not the creed; Thou the Truth in thought and deed; …

Saw ye my Savior

Two weary travelers were seeking a place to rest. They had been up since early morning having been bumped from their flight, and were not leaving SFO until midnight. Our conversation led one of them to say she was very interested in the Bible, especially since she taught Bible study. She then shared her current problem. She had been hit in the head with a baseball some months ago, and was having trouble remembering things and seeing clearly. Thankfully her injured jaw had been healed. Addressing this challenge I read her some quotes on spiritual healing from this week’s Bible Lesson that related to the “eyes that see” and the “ears that hear.” This was all she needed to see and hear for she was thrilled with the Bible Lesson from which I quoted earlier and promptly purchased Science and Health.

Heard ye the glad sound …

After thoroughly reading the window, a man, came in and immediately sat down to talk about the strange end-of-the-world talk that was in the news. I introduced him to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. I explained the two accounts of creation and then explained the textbook a little, and how Mary Baker Eddy came to discover scientific Christian healing and then to writing a book. He told me he knew of a Christian Science family who would not hear of doctors, and overcame diabetes and worse conditions through prayer alone. He continued to talk about the tornado storms in Missouri and pondered whether those people caught up in that tornado really thought it was the end of the world, especially those who did not survive. This led me to point out the power of God’s laws of Love that control man’s affairs as well as the weather, specifically, how Mrs. Eddy turned a funnel cloud, heading straight toward her house, in another direction. He readily purchased the book with the last cash he had so he could read it on the way back to Atlanta.

Felt ye the power of the word …

A distressed mother and her teenage daughter hurried into the Reading Room. The daughter was leaning heavily on her mother who said, “Would you please pray for my daughter? She’s on the verge of an epileptic seizure.” I readily agreed and showed them into the study room. In prayer I saw God’s child completely held in the arms of God’s love, spiritual and free. As I continued praying, I insisted that all is well. And so it was. Within four or five minutes, the mother and daughter emerged from the study room smiling, free of all signs of their prior experience and expressing much gratitude. Before they left, the daughter turned and said, “You know, I was born with epilepsy.” In just the few minutes they had before leaving, this child learned that error has no history — epilepsy being the error in this case. It’s only an eight-letter word in the dictionary with no power whatsoever because God is all. The uplifted expression on this child’s face was all I needed to see the full evidence of the power of divine Love.

Come to my bosom …

A security worker needed help with something that got in her eye. I offered her a tissue and asked her to sit down while I assured her of Love’s ever persence. She was so grateful and appreciative of our Reading Room. This being her first visit here, it offered just one more golden opportunity to engage with a loving soul who responded to the atmosphere of love divine that she felt. This visit was a discovery for her and she was encouraged to come back. I think she will from the recovery of her eye discomfort and the grateful and happy smile she left with.

Sinner It calls you …

A young man came into the Reading Room and I could see he was on the verge of tears. He asked, “Do you have something that can help me? My life is lost.” He said he had just a short time before his flight which left little time to explain his challenges. I shared with him that Science and Health would give him answers to all of his problems. After a brief introduction of the book, he asked if it was something he could really understand. I assured him that God surely had brought him into the Reading Room and God would assuredly answer all his needs through the truths about God, his relationship to God and the universal laws of divine Love that are the basis of Christian Science. With that, he purchased Science and Health and rushed out with a grateful heart.

Mourner It calls you …

This soldier confided,“I’m not very conversant with the Bible, but I want to learn the significance of the story of the tower of Babel.” As we discussed the story, I noticed that he became weary and sad. He shared that he had served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and he felt fortunate that he still had all his limbs. He couldn’t say the same for many of his friends, most of whom had died in battle. When he said that, I realized the reason God had brought him into this Reading Room.

I shared the basic ideas of Christian Science. He learned that God is Life, eternal and everlasting. As sons of God, each one of his friends has continued right on with their lives, whole and free. It was like a healing taking place. This soldier actually came to see that his friends in reality had never died. He said it was like the weight of the world had dropped off his shoulders. He then added this touching remark, “This has to be why I came in here today.” He expressed heartfelt gratitude for his new understanding of Life.

Just in from Paris, this visitor said he felt drawn to come into the Reading Room. It turned out he was upset over a serious break up with his wife who was still in Paris and he thought a divorce might be imminent. We spoke at some length about God being divine Love and ever-present. After a while he said he was convinced that “With God all things are possible.” He wanted to turn right around and go back to Paris to forgive and make up with his dear wife. It was a beautiful sight to see him leave with great joy and expectation.

And for you make radiant room …

This comment came from a visitor who appeared to be in great pain when he came in, “I was desperate when I came in here and I am leaving with a book I never knew existed. I have hope”.

This anxious traveler confessed,“I feel like a new man now that I’ve found Science and Health.”

Another said, “Now I know why my flight was cancelled. There should be a place like this in every airport in the world.”

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