Reflections of Healings – Spring 2012

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 (KJV)

From our visitors:

“Now I know why my flight was delayed. I would never have enjoyed the peace and warm welcome I found here.”

“What a beautiful place this is. I am so glad I discovered you.”

An airport policewoman remarked, “This place brings such a spiritual light to this airport, it warms us all just looking at it.”

“There should be a place like this in every airport,” said a teenager from the Ukraine on a visit to the US.

A Christian Science Reading Room at SFO is many things – a welcome place to find a break from travel – a place to discover inspirational things to purchase or peruse – friendly attendants who can listen and enjoy visitors from all corners of the globe. We give friendly suggestions on where to get something to eat, how to find BART, or assistance in reaching a relative who does not answer the phone. Above all we are here 365 days of the year, ready to serve the airport community with a warm welcome and a listening ear. Our staff is dedicated to offer comfort, hope and healing to all who find their way to our door. Barbara Brown, Librarian

A young man from Tanzania came in and asked me about witchcraft and how to defend himself against it. I referred him to the Bible and showed him the 91st Psalm and pointed out how it was all about divine protection. He was greatly impressed with what he heard and said he was much relieved and would return on his way back.

A woman came in to borrow scissors. However, I soon learned of a deeper reason. She said she was more interested in something on prayer and picked up a booklet titled “Overcoming Grief.” I sensed she was struggling with grief and offered to help. She seemed eager to share her troubled story. We talked about divine, infinite Love, and how she reflects that Love and protection. She was so ready to hear these assuring thoughts, all she could say was, “Thank you,”over and over.

This visitor was a skeptic from the start and asked questions on every point in our discussion. However, after 30 minutes of patient explanation, he did a complete turn around and left with not one, but three copies of Science and Health. I asked what he planned to do with three copies and he replied, I am giving them to members of my family. “I hope you keep a copy for yourself,” I said. He answered, “Yes. I believe this book will save my marriage.”

A Muslim gentleman came in, looked around, and politely asked if he could pray. I welcomed him to our study room and closed the door. I also prayed in silence for peace and brotherhood for all mankind. Upon leaving he said, “I thank you for your services. This is a wonderful place.” What a blessing we are to people of all religions who come to this place and feel loved and welcome.

A man from Madagascar came into the Reading Room frustrated and sad. He had read the information on his ticket wrongly and now would have to wait until the following Tuesday for his next flight to Madagascar. Worse yet, it would cost him an additional $128 which he did not have. I assured him that his Father-Mother God was looking after him, and would bring about all that he needed. I asked if there was anyone in Northern California that he could call. He remembered a friend in Berkeley. He called her and she in turn called a business friend in Southern California who assured him the $128 would be paid by his business. The woman from Berkeley offered to come and pick him up at the airport and give him a place to stay for a few days. He was so grateful for this Reading Room that he took many photographs of the Reading Room for a keepsake.

From a letter received earlier this year: “My daughter and I traveled to Africa last November and the day of our departure I could barely move because of severe back pain. Upon our arrival at San Francisco Airport, we headed to the Christian Science Reading Room. The woman at the desk was very calm, humble and spiritually focused. It was an absolutely wonderful, holy time that met our individual needs. I felt so embraced and uplifted as I continued to think about God’s perfect care for me. By the time the Reading Room closed, I was moving with more freedom. I knew healing was taking place. We joyfully and gratefully proceeded to the airline for our next flight. On the day of our arrival in Africa, I was completely healed of pain. What would we have done without the inspiration and upifting help we received at that dear Reading Room the day before?”

An airport worker walked past the Reading Room looking up at our sign. He walked back and forth seeming hesitant to come in. I waved to him to come in. He did. He said he was a baggage handler in Terminal 1. He shared that he was a serious Bible reader. After showing him around, he couldn’t get over that a place like this was right at hand where he worked and provided such a welcome. He left all smiles as I invited him to come back. “I will, I will,” he said.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Christian Science churches and individuals for their interest and support of this Reading Room. For comments, questions, or to send a donation, please mail to:

Christian Science Reading Room Jointly Maintained
Clovese Hughes, Secretary/Treasurer
7817 Arthur Street
Oakland, CA 94605-3226

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