How we got our start

Old Airplane Photo

Over the past 50 years, thousands of travelers from around the world have visited the Christian Science Reading Room at the San Francisco International Airport. They come with questions and are greeted with great love by our dedicated staff.

Not only Christian Scientists, but hungering hearts from every continent and every religious background stop by to learn something of the Christ, Truth. Many leave with a copy of Science and Health, a helpful Sentinel or Journal, the Christian Science Monitor and always words of encouragement.



This landmark Reading Room has a very inspiring history. Our Fall Fruitage Report for 2006 tells how it all started in 1955, when a soldier asked the CS Monitor table attendant for the location of the nearest reading room. When he learned how far away it was, he commented “You should have a reading room in this airport.” Many months and a thousand details later, the Reading Room opened its doors in January 1957. As the Airport expanded, our location has changed several times. Challenges have been met with much devotion to this holy purpose.

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